Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eclectic Loveliness

Blue toile fabric from France, wedding gift silver and crystal candlesticks, first wedded purchase of silverplated flatware, wedding gift crystal glasses, collected red transferware in assorted patterns, all set with precious, caring children's hands. White linen covering scrumptious, freshly baked rolls in a thrifted pewter bowl. Mismatched be filled with seven little olive shoots 'round about our table. Eighteen years never went so quickly and lovingly...Providentially.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Patience a virtue I need more of at times. I just got the loveliest shade of pink linen for the girls' dresses for Resurrection Sunday. I LOVE linen. I know why God wanted it in the Temple and for the priestly garments. The Proverbs 31 woman knows its value, too. It is the yummiest of fabrics...finery at its finest. Now, I have a fondness for fine cottons, silk and wool, too. But linen is my favorite, hands down. If I could clothe my family in it exclusively (weather permitting, of course) I would. I feel sure our white robes in Heaven will be pure linen...maybe even Irish handkerchief linen. ;-) And as my mother says, "like Jesus, I want neither spot nor wrinkle!" There is nothing like a crisply ironed white linen shirt in summer, with just as crisp khaki. Anyway, off that rabbit trail, patience and perseverance are needed now. Patience to cut and sew the dresses I have dreamed up. Perseverance to complete some other sewing tasks that must take precedence (like unfinished Christmas & birthday gifts!). But with less than 90 days, I need to get hopping! If only the laundry would fold & put itself away, or meals cook unattended. Alas, the time will come as it always does. Where there is a will, there is a way (God's will, that is). I just want to get it done without being up all night the night before Resurrection Sunday. And if I could be diligent in completing the tasks before me in a timely manner, I might just have an opportunity to make myself a skirt to match! Oh, Lord, please let it be!!