Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring Fever

I don't know precisely where the blame should fall, but I have been too busy to type! Between six darling chalk/oilcloth placemats, a set of toy pie safe curtains, a hymnal cover, a book cover, a birthday dress (almost done with a few days to go), a smocked bonnet (only a few stitches from completion), a baby sling and a lovely navy toile carseat booster cover, my fingers have been occupied. And that is just my sewing list! Not to mention stacks of lovely fabrics and patterns beckoning me. Never mind the children, the house, the farm, the laundry, the meals and sundry errands that fill a farmwife's day. And a finnicky camera has kept me from sharing photos. BUT, there is a better one coming soon and I will do my best to show the fruit of my labors as soon as I find a moment...haven't any to spare right now!