Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girls in white dresses...

and pink silk sashes...ok, so it isn't The Sound of Music. But, these lovely little ladies were quite musical. This is the night of their piano recital this week (and one little one's first...noted by the nervous look on her face!). They made their mama proud (not sinfully so...just motherly so). I got to play with our new camera (read: crash video course in the car before going inside). Cannnot wait for Daddy to see.
These are the dresses I made for Resurrection Sunday...finally the promised photo. I busily stitched away today...finishing a couple of projects and starting another. You'll have to be as patient for the photos as I am trying to be for the little girl who will fill the baby sling and smocked bonnet Mommy made. Actually, I cannot wait to share them, they are so sweet! It was an "I cannot believe I did that" kind of day. How kind of God to give us such sweet little pleasures. And even kinder to give us these sweet little ones (including the ones NOT in the picture!).
So, here are the details you cannot see well in the photo. The bishop dress is Ellen McCarn's pattern and my own smocking rendition inspired by one of my favorite Sew Beautiful designers, Cheryl Davidson. I stitched an A in the center, with trailing vines of lilacs. Fabric is Barbara's Best Batiste, entredeux and Swiss edging also from Finestitchery. The Girl's Regency is a Sense and Sensibility pattern by Jennie Chancey. Same fabric and edging, but also a Swiss beading and silk ribbon from Peanut Butter and Jelly Kids. There are tucks at the bottom of the regency, which I should have put at the bottom of the bishop, too. Oh well, it will take her a while to outgrow it. Actually, they do that before we can blink our eyes. Must not lose sight of that....

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