Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sevice with a smile

There are plenty of places around these days where service has gone down hill. It is refreshing to find folks who actually do things the way they ought to be done. So, from time to time, I may introduce you to those lovely people. Today, I would like you to meet the Long Ladies of Marie-Madeline Studio. They are a family of gals (ok, there are some fellas there, too) who have an old-fashioned air about them...which you know I love. Their blog will tell you more about them than I can, and it is easy on the eyes, too! But, please be sure to check out their shop! This week, they are having a sale and free shipping offer until Friday. And just to give you an idea of how sweet they are, listen to this. I made an order of fabric and patterns for my budding seamstress and opted for the free shipping. Then, the next day, I found a couple more fabrics that I didn't want to do without (hush now about stash-using, you hear!). So, I sent a little email asking to add them in if my order had not shipped. Well, it did. That's ok...I can wait (really). But these sweethearts went ahead and shipped those fabrics with free shipping, too! And, lo and behold, the first package arrived only a day later already...all wrapped and tied with a lovely ribbon. Like I said before, they do things they way they ought to be done. And that is refreshing. So, go on over there. Say hello to the Long Ladies. Buy fabrics (you know you want to anyway) and patterns (all of which we have loved so far). Support family entrepreneurship. Support the Body of Christ. Enjoy it. I do!

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